Bee Removal FAQ's

Do you have questions about bee hives and removing hives from your property? Here are the FAQ's to help you understand.
I have a hive inside of my cavity wall. If I sealed the hole where the bees are coming in from, will that stop the bees?
No, Bees are very smart insects & hard laborers. You will stop the bees that are inside the cavity wall temporarily, but the worker bees that are out pollinating will come back and find a way to get back inside the cavity wall.
If I don’t want to open up my cavity roof, will it be easier to just call a company to exterminate the bees & seal the hole?
What can cause the bees to attack me?
Will my dog be OK if he/she gets stung by a bee?
Why did the swarm of bees choose to establish a beehive in my house?
Why am I finding dead bees inside of my home, near the window area?
What can I do in case I get stung by a bee?
Can a dead bee cause any harm?
Where should I be most concerned about, if a new swarm of bees do move in the structure of my home?
How long can a bee live?
How far does a honey bee fly out from their hive to collect nectar?

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